About Us

About us


Generation Woodworks is all about wood!

We are a newer company, established on April 25, 2011.

The biggest deciding factor, of many, for starting this site is because of the big furniture stores who sell cheaply and poorly made furniture, but still advertise and charge an arm and a leg as if their products were made of solid wood. We wanted a place where people can buy quality handcrafted items and feel at ease knowing you purchased something of quality. We also wanted a place where the average person, who enjoys and appreciates the art of hand crafting, to be able to make your products and sell them on an affordable site, eliminating the giant cost of operating  a site or store on their own.

What we are looking for:

We want our site to be full of wood crafts, wood art, wood furniture,  solid wood cabinets, wood instruments, wood toys, clocks, play sets, I think you get the idea! Anything that has wood in it. We will allow tools and wood shop necessities to be sold on the site: ( i.e. saws, lathes, saw blades, chisels, even shop vacs. for wood shops.) Anything that wood make a work shop complete.

We understand the furniture and wood crafted items require accessories, so items needed to complete a project is allowed such as: hinges, drawer slides, knobs, and any other items related.

If You are the type that likes to give advice and tips, we encourage you to add a page in the community forum. How to Videos are allowed to be sold as well.

We expect that all products being sold on the site are made of quality materials and quality craftsmanship.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for both the sellers and our buyers!

Our Mission

Is to help change the economy. We want to help the hobbyist and small business owners grow and build a sustainable income through our site, and in doing so create a better living.

A percentage of the profits will go to charities. If you have a charity you are passionate about, lets us know by contacting us!