A Wood Workers’ Steam Box

| January 6, 2014

There comes a time in every wood workers career where they want to expand their skills. A way to do this is by forming and bending wood to create more advanced furniture, sculptures, and even boats! But in order to do so , a steam box is in order. If your reading this and your […]

Proper Work Footwear

| December 9, 2013

Many people look past the importance of proper footwear for work. They don’t realize that by having wrong shoes, it can physically harm you in a couple of ways. Has this happen to you? You wake up and get ready for your day. Before you leave, you decide which shoes you want to wear. You […]

A blast into the past

| July 27, 2013

It’s amazing how far we’ve come with technology in a shop environment. Most of the time when we need to cut wood, we simply turn on a switch and allow an electric motor to do the cutting.  But, do you ever wonder how they managed when they didn’t have electric? Yes, they used handsaws and […]

You Are A Success

| December 16, 2012

My mother told me when I was a kid, you’ll never know how successful you will be but never try to say no to yourself, do not try to deny their own. You actually are a success. You access breath, you access movement, you access living. The things you’ve seen, the places you’ve been, and […]

Meet the 14 year old wood worker

| October 1, 2012

Let me introduce to a inspiring 14 year old carpenter from Ireland, Adam. Adam is the owner of a new site, www.adamswoodcreation.com, where he sells his wood works. I discovered him on a site www.lumberjocks.com and became very impressed with the products he was making. Turns out he started getting into wood working and carpentry […]

Public workshop!

| September 1, 2012

What do you think of the idea of a public workshop? A workshop where you can walk in and start crafting anything you want. A shop that would provide all the tools and equipment you would need to create wooden masterpieces. A place where you can learn how be a master craftsman, pick up tips […]

What is wood carving?

| June 30, 2012

   What is woodcarving?…. well, it is the art of removing wood from a blank piece of wood, leaving behind a raised shape or object. To do so, you’re going to use tools such as chisels, gouges, knifes, hammer or wood mallet, and sandpaper. The chisel and the gouge look fairly similar. They both have […]

Teak Wood

| May 21, 2012

When you hear the words Teak Wood, what comes to mind? Like most people, Teak makes me think of outdoor furniture.  Not just any outdoor furniture, but really nice outdoor furniture.  Do you ever wonder why the best outdoor furniture is Teak? Okay I know, I am asking to many questions, so I will tell […]

A creative way to make more storage space in your home!

| April 29, 2012

Everyone needs more storage and it seems to be a common problem in every house. There are places that have great potential in keeping a lot a things, but the hard part is making the space an effective area to hold things.    One place is the big empty place under the stairs. People put things under them, […]

The keys to selling on the internet

| April 17, 2012

These days everything is sold on the internet. To get one item to sell on the internet, you literally have millions of competitors who all are saying that their items are the best. A big question people have is ” how can I get my product noticed?” Instead of asking the big “How” you should be asking yourself, ” what […]