Jobsite Workbench

| March 15, 2013

I found this workbench through a website I tend to gravitate to often. The title for this bench on the site is “Jobsite Folding Workbench”. While working on a jobsite, Timothy notice how everyone was working off the floor or unstable workhorses, and thought that working in that manner so wasn’t practical and decided to […]

Stanley Hand Tools

| January 14, 2013

I don’t hear a lot about Stanley products to often. Looking around at some of my hand tools, I noticed that the name Stanley was on a lot of them. My most recent purchase was a hand plane. I don’t know why I picked it out. Maybe it was the better looking one and it […]

Buy Handmade

| November 19, 2012

Why to Buy Handmade This Holiday Season (and All Year Round) by Michelle Seitzer, Freelance Writer Scenario 1: The alarm jolts you out of your Thanksgiving coma at 3:30am. You slowly rise to your feet, dress in multiple layers, and prepare yourself to face the onslaught of crazed holiday shoppers, long lines, and hours of […]

The correct moisture content for wood

| November 4, 2012

I want to start out by making sure we understand what moisture content really is. When talking about moisture content, what we are looking at is the weight of the water in the wood with the actual weight of the wood itself. It is also known as the EMC ( wood Equilibrium Moisture Content) That […]

How to get a cupped board flat again.

| August 11, 2012

There isn’t anything worse than trying to make a cupped board work. It’s hard to get the joints just right when your trying to get that perfect fit. In fact, at times it can be down right frustrating. When you bought the board, I am sure that you looked at it carefully. Eyeing down the […]