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I found this workbench through a website I tend to gravitate to often. The title for this bench on the site is “Jobsite Folding Workbench”. While working on a jobsite, Timothy notice how everyone was working off the floor or unstable workhorses, and thought that working in that manner so wasn’t practical and decided to come up with his own workbench. He worked for a while perfecting the Workbench. He sat down and started thinking about how he could make a solid multi-functional workbench that could easily be taken on site, be folded up to take as little space as possible in the van or trailer, and be adaptable to the space or work. After all that hard work and planning, he came up with a Portable Folding Workbench.

Let me tell you what makes this work bench, in my opinion, the “ultimate” workbench. I will begin by mentioning how the entire unit folds up into a cart. bench cart Next, the drawers allow for easy access to tools and the bottom drawer is designed to hold your clamps, bench dogs, and other things. There is also a shelf that holds tools securely in place.

If having the ability to wheel in your workbench by a cart and drawers aren’t enough, what really sets this bench apart from the others is the table top. On the top, you will notice a series of holes.bench 2 Those holes serve as two different functions. One function is that they make the unit completely clamp friendly by allowing you to literally clamp anywhere on this bench. The second function is meant for the bench dogs. The hole pattern was designed specifically to allow for accurate 90 degree cuts.

Another great accessory to this bench are the extension tables. The extension tables easily attach to the workbench by sliding them into a T-track located around the table. The feet on the extensions are completely adjustable, allowing you to level and align all the table surfaces making them perfectly flat. Depending on how you want to set up the extensions, you can have it hold a full sheet of plywood or you can set them up on opposite sides, giving you a strudy miter saw station.bench 3

When the job is completed, the entire unit quickly and easily folds up into a cart, where every section on this workbench is held and stored. It can be wheeled to your truck or van, and is strong enough to be lifted into your truck by its handle. The Portable Workbench takes up little room in your vehicle to allow you to put things you normally wouldn’t have room for in. wheeled bench

Wade Prunest

P.s. I want to thank Timothy for allowing me to write this article on his Portable Workbench! You can see more at his website

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