Meet the 14 year old wood worker

Let me introduce to a inspiring 14 year old carpenter from Ireland, Adam. Adam is the owner of a new site,, where he sells his wood works. I discovered him on a site and became very impressed with the products he was making. Turns out he started getting into wood working and carpentry at the age of twelve, following in the footsteps of his grandfather.

Talk about making great use of space, Adam’s workshop was converted from a 6’x8′ garden shed! He continues to add to it, making the best use of space as he can. The kind of wood products that come out of his workshop range from picture frames, end grain cutting boards, to cajons ( wooden drums). He likes working with Mahogany, Teak, and Oak so if you love any of those woods, he is your guy to go to. I am sure more things will roll out of the doors as his experience and skills grow so you have to keep going back to his site. To give a perspective on how creative he is, he was able to make his own router table and he converted a circular saw, to be used as a table saw. He has pictures of them on his site

Adam is working to make his hobby into a career. That career- being a carpenter or even teaching wood working. For now, he will continue to work in his shop, creating things for you to buy. When he is not in the shop, he is a normal kid, playing basketball, boxing, and strumming on his guitar. I can only hope that we will see some of his items on our site and creations from other young inspiring wood workers like him there too!

Do me a favor, go to his site and see if his projects impress you like they impressed me.

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