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    How to get a cupped board flat again.

    Posted By on August 11, 2012

    There isn’t anything worse than trying to make a cupped board work. It’s hard to get the joints just right when your trying to get that perfect fit. In fact, at times it can be down right frustrating. When you bought the board, I am sure that you looked at it carefully. Eyeing down the edges, looking to see if the board has a crown, ( or bow ) in it, and looking for any imperfections that it might have. After all, you want the project to be beautiful so you’re going to use the best wood you can find. But after getting it back to the shop, something else comes up and you can’t get to building that project you had in mind and the boards sit awhile. While sitting, the moister content changes and the wood starts to move.  Here’s a little trick to straightening out the cup so you can continue on with your project. After all, you don’t want to cut a cupped board because you will never get the joints to fit right and you’re just asking for headaches down the road.

    Chances are that you already have the tools you need. The tools you need are as follow: a clothes iron and a towel.  See, I told you that you already had them. Using steam to manipulate wood has been around for a while and can be difficult to do. If you want to bend an arch with wood, you will need something better than an iron to do that type of work. But if you are looking to straighten out the cup in the board so you can run it through the table saw,  jointer, or for cutting straight joints, than an iron will be perfect.

    First, place the board flat so the convex side, (or the high side) is facing down. Next, take a wet towel and put it on the      concave side of the board. Taking a hot iron, go over the board until it straightens out. It won’t take long for the board to straighten out. What the steam/heat does is it makes the fibers in the board soft and pliable. Your last step is to hurry and cut your joints while you still have a straight board. Even if the board happens to warp or cup again, you will at least a straight joint because you cut the joints when the board was flat!

    If you’re researching how to flatten out a board, chances are you enjoy woodworking,  taking it up as a hobby, or even making it your job. When you get to the point when you may want to start selling your products, I recommend listing your items on www.generationwoodworks.com. It cost nothing to list and no membership fees, but the best part is you will have your own store to set up and run!


    What is wood carving?

    Posted By on June 30, 2012

       What is woodcarving?…. well, it is the art of removing wood from a blank piece of wood, leaving behind a raised shape or object. To do so, you’re going to use tools such as chisels, gouges, knifes, hammer or wood mallet, and sandpaper.

    The chisel and the gouge look fairly similar. They both have wood handles and the both have sharp edges, but it is the edge that makes them different. The chisel’s edge is straight with a bevel on it. It is used to remove the bulk of the wood. There are different sizes and even bulkiness to them. The size of the edge you will use depends on the area of wood you want to remove. If you have a tight spot to get into, then you will want to use the smallest edge you have and if you have a big open area, you will want to use a big chisel to remove the material more quickly. I also mentioned bulkiness. If you are planning to use a mallet or a hammer to help remove the material, you will want a chisel that won’t bend when you hit it. My personal opinion is that a good chisel won’t need the help of a hammer or a mallet to get it through the wood, so keep your chisels sharp. You will enjoy carving more if you keep them sharp.

    The gouge’s edge is actually rounded. Picture the moon when it just has a little of it showing. It looks like a finger nail, that is what the edge of the gouge looks like. Some also say the gouge looks like it is smiling because of the curve it has. You will also notice the the bevel is in the inside if the curve. The purpose for it is to sculpt the wood into shape. It is used for rounding over the raised edges, giving the object your sculpting dimension.

    A tip to help you get the clean crisp edges is to take a utility knife or I use an exacto knife to pre-cut all my pencil lines first. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, to get the crisp clean edges and two, it prevents the raised area you want to keep from chipping off. You can also say that you are relief cutting by using the knife.

    The last thing you need to do to finish your carving. Do this by cleaning up all the little bumps with sandpaper making it smooth. You can either leave the natural wood look by staining it or putting a clear on it or, some choose to paint the carving, making it stand out that much more. The way it is finished it all a matter of opinion. 

    If you have techniques to add to the art of carving, making it easier for a beginner, please leave a comment about it. For the beginners, once you get the hang of carving, try to make some extra spending money by listing your wood works for free at www.generationwoodworks.com. Also, don’t forget to sign up to the new forum by going to www.generationwoodworks.com/forum.


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    Teak Wood

    Posted By on May 21, 2012

    When you hear the words Teak Wood, what comes to mind? Like most people, Teak makes me think of outdoor furniture.  Not just any outdoor furniture, but really nice outdoor furniture.  Do you ever wonder why the best outdoor furniture is Teak? Okay I know, I am asking to many questions, so I will tell you why Teak makes the best outdoor furniture. Even if you know why Teak makes great furniture, keep reading, there may be something that you may not know about Teak wood in this article.

    I will start by telling you that Teak is actually in the Birch family. It is found in South East Asia and can grow up to 150ft tall or up to 40 meters,  having a life span of 100 years. Teak wood is known to be able to withstand changes in weather and seasons. It is also known because of its ability to bend and flex without breaking in high winds. One of its most famous characteristics is the oil it produces. That oil makes the wood water resistant, protects the wood from decaying, from insects, and bacteria. Basically, you can say that Teak makes its own defense system. Another characteristic Teak has are the fibers in the wood. The fibers are thick which makes cutting and sculpting the wood very easy.

    When you put all the characteristics together, it makes the wood a super wood. So, now that I shared with you why Teak wood makes for the best outdoor furniture, I bet you’re wondering why we don’t see more teak furniture around. The answer is money. Teak is very expensive. Here’s an example,for the cost of pine per linear feet, you’re looking at a $1.00 or $2.00. The cost of teak per linear feet, you’re looking at $30.00 or more. Shocking right?

    This blog’s topic is about Teak wood and I just talked about how great it is for outdoor furniture because of its characteristics. Let me clarify that it makes beautiful indoor furniture as well. The look and color is beautiful in its natural state.

    If you enjoy making outdoor furniture or love crafting things from wood, I encourage you to visit www.generationwoodworks.com and share some of your works with the world. It’s absolutely free to join and list. I think it is important to mention that there are no monthly fees to pay. The only thing required is that you set up your free store immediately so you can start selling!


    A creative way to make more storage space in your home!

    Posted By on April 29, 2012

    Everyone needs more storage and it seems to be a common problem in every house. There are places that have great potential in keeping a lot a things, but the hard part is making the space an effective area to hold things.   

    One place is the big empty place under the stairs. People put things under them, but over time it gets cluttered, there is no organization, and things get lost.  An idea that was brought to my attention was a filing cabinet type system for that space.  They wanted to have a system where they can store bins, but yet have it look great. So what I did was make book cases on wheels and put raised panels on the ends so when the cabinets are closed, it looks like a paneled wall.

    All I used was 4’x8′ sheets of Oak play wood for the carcases and made the stiles to the raised panel out of Pine. For the actual panels, I used MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard). I finished the carcases with Tung Oil and painted the Panels to match the color of the existing trim. The cost of the materials was under $400.00.

    For more wood products, check out www.generationwoodworks.com!



    The keys to selling on the internet

    Posted By on April 17, 2012

    These days everything is sold on the internet. To get one item to sell on the internet, you literally have millions of competitors who all are saying that their items are the best. A big question people have is ” how can I get my product noticed?” Instead of asking the big “How” you should be asking yourself, ” what makes my product stand out from everyone else”.

    So, the first step, and in my opinion the most import step, is getting that ” what makes my product stand out” answered. What makes your product unique? Does your product solve a problem. If your product really is the best, what makes it better than the next guy? Is it the durability and quality or simply a must have product and why? What group of people am I trying to market to?

    Your next step is relaying that answer to your website or product description in a very creative way.  A way that that will grab the attention of your targeted market and make them want to share with all their friends. You want the content to relate the your potential buyer, in the same sense solving their problems, but at the same time you want it to be filled with rich keywords. Without the right keywords your site or product may never be found online. In short, a keyword is a word or phrase that a person types into a search engine to search for a product or content he or she is looking for.

    There’re a lot of tools out there that will help you find out which keywords are being used in search engines. The one I like to use is through Google Adwords. The main reason is because it’s a great service and it’s completely free. All you have to do is punch in a keyword or phrase and they will tell you how many times that word has been searched in the past month. They also provide you a list of related keywords and show you how many times those words were searched as well.

    Let says you have a great product, you answered the hard questions and have great keywords, but you don’t have a website or store to sell your products on. Depending on the type of products you are selling there are places you can list your products on. You can choose big name auction places or craft places to sell your products on. All great places to list but unfortunetly will cost a little to list, and there are so much stuff on them your product may get lost. If you sell wood products, www.generationwoodworks.com is a good place to start. They only allow wood products on the site and they provide you with your own store to set up. There is no membership and listing fees. They do take a 5% transaction of the total sale price once the item sales. So your looking at no risk to you. So there is no pressure to sell your product to re-coop any money you spent to list or pay for a hosting site for your store. If you want to have your own website, there are sites that will help you build a site for low cost. www.hostgator.com provides a low cost way to to build a great site.

    Whatever way you choose, remember the more places you have your name or product on the better chances you have of getting them discovered!


    Work station conversions!

    Posted By on March 28, 2012

    There are a lot work stations out there. Most are made to fit budget and functionality, but have you taken something out of the ordinary to turn it into a completely functioning work station?

    I happen to have one of those stations. No, I didn’t make it myself, but it was passed on to me. My wife’s grandfather was a great carpenter. He could fix anything and make anything. The one talent that I was mostly in awe of was his ability to carve. The detail he was able to carve was incredible. He is the one that was able to dream up this highly functioning carving station that I am blessed to be using today!

    What he did was take an old P.Pryibil lathe and stripped all the parts he didn’t need from it. He fastened a top onto one side, making it capable to clamp wood in it. That top also raises higher or lower. On the other part of the lathe he fastened a Craftsmen work mate to it. With the work mate, you can clamp wood in it, raise it up or down and also tilt it.

    So with this set up, it allows you to be comfortable while carving and also safe because it holds the the wood firmly in place. The only thing I added was a light so I could see better.

    I like the fact that someone was able to use something that was headed for the landfill and make it into something that is highly functional. I’m very much into re-using old and worn out things and giving them a new life and meaning. If you have something similar in your shop, I would love to hear about it!

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    Who is the owner of Generation Woodworks Inc?

    Posted By on November 18, 2011

    Who is the Owner of Generation Woodworks Inc.?

    Well, I am a carpenter, husband, and father of three who was tired of all the cheaply-made, so-called “wood products” that are out there for sale – which is why I started this website, Generation Woodworks, an online marketplace dedicated to the art of woodworking and handcrafted treasures.

    Our site is a place where people can shop with confidence, knowing they are buying a quality product. It is a place for woodworkers and hobbyists to proudly display and sell their products at affordable prices. It is also a place where craftsmen have the freedom to operate their own store and feel good about their well-deserved earnings. Generation Woodworks Inc. strives to bring old-fashioned quality back to consumers.

    I’ve always enjoyed woodworking. As a teen, I often spent time in my grandfather’s workshop, making shelves, napkin holders, and whatever else I could dream up. It wasn’t a big shop, but it had all the essentials. My grandfather was the type that – if he could build it himself to get out of buying it – he would. “It gives me something to do” or “I know it’s built good because I made it” is what he would say. And he was right! Everything he put his hands on displayed his exceptional skill and craftsmanship, and each piece still looks and operates as if he made them yesterday.

    Now, I find myself following in his path. If we are in need of a cabinet, desk, or whatever it may be, I build it myself. I recently made a highchair for my six-month-old son, after my wife had texted me from a large furniture store, asking if she should buy a highchair she found there. I said “Absolutely not” – and less than 24 hours later, we had a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind highchair, made from beautiful mahogany wood that had been left over from other projects.

    The best part about that chair (besides that it was free and made from recycled materials) is that I know it will be a family heirloom for generations because it was made to last. Sadly, heirlooms are no longer the norm; these days, people would rather buy cheaply made, factory-sold furniture because that is what they know.

    If you have the gift of woodworking, please share it. There isn’t anything better than handmade custom wood works, and in today’s economy, selling your wood works is a great way to earn a little extra cash. You don’t have make products. Refinishing furniture is a great way of making extra cash too. I am always seeing treasures being thrown out. Sure, they may be a little rough around the edges, but with a little elbow grease, you can easily turn trash into cash!

    If you have thought about starting a carpentry business or any other kind of woodworking business, just go ahead and do it! Opportunity is knocking right now. Help us bring quality products back to the marketplace.

    Open your virtual storefront, or shop for high-quality, handcrafted treasures today at, www.generationwoodworks.com/sell-info/

    Grandpa’s Workshop

    Posted By on October 7, 2011

    Get to know more about the man who inspired the idea for Generation Woodworks, an expert craftsman, carpenter, and woodworker named Peder Pedersen, who emigrated to the U.S. from Norway after World War II. The piece is written from the perspective of Peder’s oldest granddaughter, Michelle Seitzer. Whenever I visited my grandparents, I loved to come in through the garage, via Grandpa’s wood shop. A bell on the door signaled a visitor. A plastic plaque hung beside it, with a cartoon drawing of a grandfather and bold lettering that read, “When all else fails, ask Grandpa.” An iridescent sticker of a Norwegian flag was adhered to the wall above a small mirror.Across the room, Grandpa’s hand-held tools hung neatly from a pegboard, and the countertop below was usually covered with a thin layer of dust, indicating the shop’s recent use. The door leading in to the house separated the counter from a large white sink, over which hung Grandpa’s overalls, baseball caps, and leather work aprons. Some of his original work – large woodcarvings with scenes from his homeland of Norway – decorated the space above the sink. Although I had to hold my ears when he used the table saw, I loved to watch Grandpa work. He would lean over the powerful machine, with no earplugs and glasses for goggles, dressed in work overalls and an apron from the local hardware store, Kramer’s. The front pocket was always filled with nails. Breathing in the sweet odor of fresh-cut wood and sawdust, I would watch as his strong hands gently guided the wood through the blade, which would screech with piercing sharpness especially when the wood hit it, sending chips flying like sparks. The blade spun dangerously fast but Grandpa’s grip was steady, pulling the piece through to the end, where the cut piece would fall to the floor and send up a cloud of sawdust smoke.
    Grandpa’s wood shop was his haven, the place where he lived out his active retirement. He spent time there, he explained, “so I’m not hangin’ around doin’ nuttin,’ ‘cause [dat’s] no good. So to keep myself occupied I do what I love, making [tings] for my children and grandchildren.”
    Today, Grandpa’s handiwork is proudly displayed throughout his family’s homes. Wooden chests, doll cradles, jewelry boxes, wooden spoons, clocks, and corner shelves decorate our houses, all marked by a unique and elaborate scrolling design called rosemaling (Norwegian for “rose painting”) that Grandpa would sketch directly on the piece to guide his carving hand. And although he was too modest to boast about his work, his family and friends were always happy to do it for him.
    Peder passed away in January 2009, after struggling with Alzheimer’s disease for several years. But his legacy lives on: Peder’s wood shop is still in use today…by the owner of Generation Woodworks, who is proud to carry on this amazing man’s legacy by sharing his love of woodworking with the world.


    Inexpensive ways to market your business

    Posted By on August 15, 2011

    It can be confusing which marketing strategy is the best fit for your business and budget. Here are a few options that are out there for you to try and experiment with. They all work well and you will discover which ones work best for you. Be sure to try them all!

    Post Cards

    Post cards are a great way to get your business and products out there. They allow you to target buyers that would be interested in the product or service you’re offering. Be prepared, post cards do take up a lot of time. There are services out there that can cut out a lot of time for addressing post cards, but it will cost extra for that service.

    Business Cards

    Business cards are essential for your business. The key to making Business cards a very strong marketing tool is to, and it may seem obvious, hand them out! No matter who the person is or what they do, someday that person may need something and you are just the person to have it. Also, it is good idea to leave cards in places that have things in common with your business. If you sell furniture, leave some in a store where people are looking for furniture. Make sure to always ask permission first!

    Craft/ Trade Shows

    Craft and trade shows are a great way to market your business. Not only do they tell the world your are in business, but they are a great way to show the public all the new things you have to offer. Another great attribute about a trade show is, it allows you to meet new contacts, which proves time and time again to be very important to a business.

    Social Networking

    Social networking is, in my opinion, is the best way to market your business. One, it’s free. Two, just about all the big companies, and small companies for that matter, are using social networking to drive up sales. Face Book and Twitter are the biggest social networking sites, but there are other sites out there that you can use as well. The key to social networking, building relationships. If you go on the sites and just write “go to my site and buy everything” chances are nobody is going to go. If you just casually talk with people and build trust, you will have a better chance to get them to go to your site without portraying yourself as pushy.

    There are other ways to market your business on a low budget, such as: ads, offer special promotions, making a video on Youtube, etc…. but I leave it up to you to see which one works for you. Remember, to make your business successful, you have to let everyone know that you are in business, that is why marketing is so important!