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workbootsMany people look past the importance of proper footwear for work. They don’t realize that by having wrong shoes, it can physically harm you in a couple of ways. Has this happen to you? You wake up and get ready for your day. Before you leave, you decide which shoes you want to wear. You put them on and get on with your day. As the day goes by, you noticed your feet start to hurt and you start feeling fatigued. By the time you walk back into your door, you can’t wait another minute and rip your shoes off. That is an prime example of wrong footwear.

It’s obvious that having the wrong footwear can hurt your feet but, did you know that they can effect your productivity during the day. Footwear can effect safety, and even worse, cause harm to your back and hips.

I’m a carpenter and in my trade, I’m on my feet 8+ hours a day. I find it important to have comfortable boots and boots that can protect my feet if something were to fall on them. What I use to judge comfortable shoes is my opinion and will vary from person to person but let me tell you some of the key features I look for when choosing a boot. I need my boots to give ankle support. I also like them to be light weight because I am on my feet for a long period of time. I also like to have good tread and be waterproof. I also prefer the plastic toe instead of the steel toe because I find plastic to be warmer during the winter months and usually I am not lifting extremely heavy things that I could drop.

The are times when I haven’t picked the right boot and my back, feet, and even legs hurt by the end of the day and I am so tired I don’t feel like doing anything. Being tired can slow down production and alter moods, which in turn can effect work relationships and family life.

It all depends which footwear you choose and the environment your in. If your in an office, there may be dress codes that you have to follow but it’s still important that you don’t overlook your feet for fashion. Stay-at-home moms need proper footwear also. They are ones that run around the most chasing down little ones and cleaning up the messes.

If you feel any of these symptoms: fatigue, sore feet, sore back and legs at the end of your work day, take a good look at your shoes and decide if your footwear could be the culprit. Make sure the arch in your foot is supported properly to help keep everything aligned properly and test your shoes out. If you find after a week that your “dogs” are barking, I strongly recommend going for a different pair of footwear.

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