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Shop Generation Woodworks to decorate and furnish your home or office, find great gifts, or find items of interest for your hobbies and collections.


Shopping at Generation Woodworks is easy. You simply click on the category you wish to browse or enter a search word.


Once you find an item or style you like from a specific person or company, you can easily click on "advanced search" and enter their name, you have a option to browse their entire store and a option to view their profile to see what they are about.


If you're a interior decorator or into designing, book mark this site for the future. Let us know if you are looking for a particular wood products to complete your designs and themes and we will notify our vendors!


Check out is safe and secure with paypal. Our vendors can only set up their shops and collect payments through PayPal. We don't give them the options for credit card use. It not only protects you but it also protects our vendors. As a higher protection plan, we have teamed up with Sitelock to ensure your info stays private by blocking phishing bots and hackers trying to take your private information.



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