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How it works


When You sign up for the membership to sell items on Generation Woodworks you will have your own personalized shop to set up. You will be able to customize your store with your logo, profile, banners, etc. Your customized shop will allow buyers who like your particular wood works to quickly and easily access all of the other wood products, wood working tools, or accessories you have for sale. With your store, you will get your very own URL so you can market your own shop and products and not the other products on the site. Your URL will read


Listing products on Generation Woodworks is easy and completely free! There are no monthly subscriptions to worry about. That means absolutely no risk to you. 


After selling wood crafts, tools, or your accessories,  a 5% transaction fee of the total selling price will be charged. 


In terms of marketing, Generation Woodworks will do its best to market to potential buyers, encouraging them to visit the site. We consider you a part of our marketing team as well, so Generation Woodworks will look to its sellers to promote their own stores and recruit buyers as well. 


For security reason, we have each vendor use a PayPal account. The reason is to protect both the seller and the buyer. We have also teamed up with SiteLock to ensure all your private data, stays private!



Why sell on Generation Woodworks


At Generation Woodworks, the cost of operating your own store is FREE and the potential for profit and recognition is great. What makes this site different than the other sites? Since Generation Woodworks only deals with wood products and woodworking related items, your wood products won't get lost in all the stuff piled into other craft and hobby stores. For instance you won't find yarn, fabrics, and clothing that would be over whelming possible buyers because of all the items on one site. That is important because by keeping the site strictly wood products and wood working related, it benefits the wood workers by bringing more targeted traffic and higher quality traffic to the site.


You don't have to be a wood working professional to enjoy selling with us. We love when wood working hobbyists post their items.  We are proud to provide a way for them to get their foot in the door by giving them a low cost way to sell their products and give their wood crafts the exposure they deserve! 





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