Terms Of Use





If a dispute arises between the seller and the buyer, we encourage both parties to resolve the dispute in a civil manner. However, if an agreement cannot be reach, the buyer/ seller can file a dispute claim. If a dispute claim is filed, Generation Wood Works will step in and will seek to resolve the issue before bringing it to court.  If the dispute goes to court, G.W.W will have no further involvement in the dispute.

If a seller accumulates numerous complaints against them and is disruptive in the G.W.W community, G.W.W. reserves the right to end the membership at anytime.


We serve as a hosting site


Generation Woodworks is not directly involved between the seller/ buyer transaction, therefore we have no control over the quality of the product, the product description, or accuracy of the product as it is listed on the site


Generation Woodworks cannot ensure that the buyer or seller will complete a transaction


Generation Woodworks does not transfer any legal ownership on any items listed on the site from seller to buyer.


Money matters


All sellers are responsible for collecting payments due for the products sold. We require our user to use Paypal for security reasons.


Taxes are the sellers responsibility; Generation Woodworks will have no involvement with that matter


All business conducted on the Generation Woodworks site must be conducted in compliance with  federal, state, and local laws




It's the seller's responsibility to ensure the item/ items sold are properly packaged to prevent damage and are shipped in a timely manner.


The seller shall provide tracking numbers to buyers, and use proper judgement if shipped items are lost or misplaced.


Generation Woodworks is not responsible for any and all shipping.




All members must be 18 years or older. By submitting the registration form, you agree that all information submitted is accurate and true. Any false information will lead to membership termination and possible legal consequences.


All members must understand that purchases from minors is possible and that Generation Woodworks has no control of buyers.


Any sellers under the age of 18 years of age must use Generation Woodworks in conjunction with/ be under supervision with a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years old. The adult shall be held responsible for all activities the minor carries out on the site. Know that some content on the site may be offensive to some and may not be suitable for minors. 


Generation Woodworks is not responsible for any misconduct that happens on the site. 




Fees and termination




All fee's follow as such. There are no listing or membership fees. However, there is a 5% transaction of the final sale price once and item sells. That fee is used towards site maintaince. 


The seller is responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with using Generation Woodworks.




If Generation Woodworks terminates your account or you choose to end your account with Generation Woodworks, you are still responsible for any unpaid fees plus penalties, if applicable, such as state or Federal taxes.


If your membership is terminated by Generation Woodworks for any reason, Generation Woodworks will NOT refund any money. 


Listing and selling


By listing an item on the site you here by claim you have the legal right to sell that item.


You must accurately describe your item and all the terms of sale on your Generation Woodworks store. You may include photos, text, graphics, and any/ all relevant sources to help sell your items. 


Store policies


Each seller is encouraged to list their respected policies in their Generation Woodworks store. These policies should include the following: shipping, returns, payment, and selling policies. Your store policies must comply with those of Generation Woodworks. You are responsible for following your own policies and Generation Woodworks policies.


All sale are binding. When an item sales, you are obligated to make sure the item gets shipped safely and in a timely manner, and the listing is updated accordingly. If the seller can't meet this obligation, he/she must return the full refund, no questions asked.


Each item must be accurately priced on the site. Failing to do so could result in pursuing legal action for false advertising. We want to protect the Generation Woodworks buyer as well as the seller.


Item content


As a seller, you hereby grant Generation Woodworks permission to have your item content on the site so that Generation Woodworks isn't violating  any rights you may have to that content.


You agree the right to allow Generation Woodworks to re-format, store, and display your content in any manner Generation Woodworks chooses.





Generation Woodworks does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions within the site or problems with the website. We can not be held responsible for any lost content on the site in the event of a failure. 


We do not guarantee that you will earn any income with the Generation Woodworks website.